Callaway County Collector

Sarah Gladman
Callaway County Collector
10 East 5th ST.
FULTON, MO 65251
573-642-7929 - FAX


The Callaway County Collector of Revenue is responsible for collection of current and delinquent property taxes for various taxing entities within the county, which have an authorized property tax levy.

The Collector is responsible for the accounting of and distribution of the collected funds monthly to the individual taxing entities. Tax entities include schools, fire districts, road district, special services, ambulance and others. The Collector's Office also issues the County Merchant License.

By law, the Collector must use any legal means to collect delinquent taxes.

The Collector's Office provides services relating to processing tax payments from escrowed accounts held by mortgage holders on behalf of real estate owners.

Primary tax records are maintained and held for public use within the Collector's Office in Callaway County, Missouri.


Office Information: Tax bills are mailed the first of November and due upon receipt of tax bill, but no later than December 31st each year. The postmark determines the timeliness of payment (For definite postmark, take your payment into the post office for mailing, do not drop in outside dropbox at post office on Dec. 31st. They have changed dropbox pick up times and this may cause your payment to not arrive with a Dec. 31st postmark.) For example, a payment mailed and postmarked on the 30th of December is considered paid on time even though the Collector’s Office does not receive the payment until January 2nd or 3rd. But, if you mail the tax bill on January 1st or 2nd and it’s postmarked with those dates, it will be returned for penalty and interest for January. This is in accordance with the Missouri State Statues.

There is also a drop box on the north entrance of the Courthouse. Payments in the drop box are gathered at midnight on December 31st, any payment dropped in after midnight will incur penalties and late fees.

If you do not receive your tax bill by the end of November, contact our office immediately. Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the obligation to pay taxes and applicable late fees. Taxes not paid in full on or before December 31st will accrue penalties and late fees.

If your taxes are escrowed, your escrow company will request your tax bill from us. If you do not have a paid receipt by December 20th, contact the banking institution.
New Resident: If you are a new resident to Callaway County you should call the Assessor's Office to make sure you receive a Personal Property assessment list.

New Ownership: If you are a new homeowner, you should call the County Assessor to update your name and address information. The Collector's Office does not pro-rate between the new and former owners. During the closing of a typical Real Estate transaction, tax amounts are pro-rated between the buyer and seller by your title/escrow company. Most usually the new owner is given credit for the pro-rated taxes in the closing statement. We suggest you confirm this by referring to your closing statement or call your title/escrow company. If you are a new owner and do not receive a statement, you need to contact the Collector's Office to obtain a copy. Failure to receive a statement does not relieve you of paying, nor does it relieve you of any penalties or interest that may have accrued.

Change of address: If you move during the year, you must notify the Assessor's Office of your new address. Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve you of the obligation to pay taxes.

Tax breaks for Senior Citizens/Disabled: There is help available, contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-751-7191 for information regarding the Circuit Breaker and Homestead Exemption programs.

Tax Sale: Held on the fourth Monday of August each year. We have pamphlets available in the office setting forth the guidelines, please call for a copy to be mailed to you.